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Upholstery Replacement in Baltimore, MD

Smith® Auto Glass
Goes To The Movies!
What do Will Smith, Gene Hackman, Richard Gere, Julia Roberts, Keanu Reeves, Al Pacino, Richard Dreyfus, Bruce Willis, Danny DeVito, Samuel L. Jackson, John Voight, Kathleen Turner, Tim Allen, Kristie Alley, James Earl Jones, Bill Cosby, and Patrick Swayze have in common?
They have all worked on a major motion picture with Smith® Auto Glass!

Smith® Auto Glass is proud to have been chosen to participate on the following feature films, because only Smith® Auto Glass can respond to the sometimes extraordinary schedule and needs of a production company on location and has the resources to furnish, install, and fabricate auto glass and upholstery for virtually any vehicle, any time, any where.

Car Interior - upholstery repair in Baltimore, MD
Film Credits
  • Live Free or Die Hard 2006 20th Century
  • The Wire 2002-2006 HBO
  • The Visiting 2005 Oliver Pictures
  • Syriana 2005 Warner Brothers
  • Triple X I I 2005 Touchstone Pictures
  • Ladder 49 2003 Buena Vista
  • Head of State 2002 DreamWorks
  • Tuck Everlasting 2002 Disney
  • Red Dragon 2002 Universal
  • The Replacements 2000 Warner Brothers
  • Runaway Bride 1999 Paramount
  • Liberty Heights 1999 Touchstone
  • Enemy of the State 1998 Touchstone
  • For Richer or Poorer 1997 Universal
  • Species II 1997 MGM
  • Black Dog 1997 Universal
  • Die Hard III 1995 20th Century Fox
  • Serial Mom 1994 Savoy / Waters
  • That Night 1993 Warner Brothers
  • Meteor Man 1993 MGM
  • Tin Men 1987 Touchstone
  • And Justice for All 1979 Columbia
Services Provided
  • Furnish & install specialty glass for "picture cars".
  • Auto glass & upholstery maintenance of transportation vehicles.
  • Glass & upholstery fabrication.
  • 24-hour on-location standby mobile service.
  • Auto glass special effects consultation and design.
Quite often, a motion picture company will need the services of a quality auto glass shop. Whether it's furnishing rare non-tinted glass for those "camera friendly" shots, or a quick on-the-set replacement so costly location production is not held up, auto glass can be an essential ingredient in the movie making process. When you combine the importance of "picture car" glass and upholstery, the need for efficient, accountable service, and the increasingly popular filming location of Maryland, the Hollywood film industry and Smith® Auto Glass are a winning combination!
You don't have to be a famous actor to get great service from Smith® Auto Glass!
All you have to do is call the location nearest you and you will be treated like a STAR!
Since 1961, The Service You Expect, The Experience You Need!